Seance Night! Friday 4th October 2013

Ever wanted to be involved in a Seance night? Or want to join a Seance night but too nervous or scared? Well the Down 2 Earth Seance night is perfect for you!

This Seance night is brought to you by one of the finest intuitive Mediums Annie Conboy. Annie brings you a no nonsense night of investigation and exploration of Spirit. Burlees House holds active energy which promises a sensational night. Annie will be connecting to Spirit to bring you closer to the spirits that are with us constantly. This night will be a safe, relaxing and open way of developing or just exploring your abilities.

There will be a selection of different activities available on the night including: Sensing Energy; Pendulums; Glass Divination; Trance; Ouija Board; Table Tipping; Automatic Writing and small group work led by intuitive Mediums and Psychics. The exact combination will be decided on the night so as to give the best fit with the group energy.

For over 35 years Annie Conboy has been on a journey of how to connect with Spirit. She is bringing this night to you so that you can understand more. Annie teaches other how to open their mind to their intuitive abilities and believes everybody can benefit from some guidance in their lives. The only difference between Annie and yourself is that she’s worked on her intuitive abilities and can now easily connect with Spirit. She also removes any myths about Mediums and Psychic tools. Join her for this mystical evening at 9pm till 1am at Burlees House on Friday 4th October 2013.

Entry to this night is £15. It is recommended to book your place due to limited spaces. So don’t miss out call us on 01422 846117 to book. The address is Suite 5, Burlees House, Haningroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD.

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