Séance Night 4th October 2013 – Kira’s report

Where do I begin? The Down 2 Earths Séance Night was the most enjoyable and exciting night I have had for a long time!

During the night I experienced a lot of Spirit activity. I personally have not done much Psychic work but the night was so filled it did not matter. Whether you have done work on yourself or not, you would have experienced Spirit activity easily.

When you’re sat in a circle you can feel the energy rising in the room even before we started the Séance. At first we all held hands and put our feet next to each other, then we focused our energy with Annie’s guidance which made the Spirit activity really come alive. We had anything from Spirits tickling our bodies to the temperature of the room changing to breezes coming out of nowhere.

When we all sat around for the Glass Divination activity, you would be amazed at how the room was extremely warm even in October with no heating on! The glass divination was my favourite activity as I have always been fascinated with it. You always expect somebody to be pushing the glass but there really isn’t. I was absolutely amazed at how much information you can get by asking questions that can be answered with a yes and no.

As we were all excited and craved more we split off into groups of three and went to different parts of the building. Me and my group when up to the top floor. You could feel the Spirit activity as soon as you reached the top of the stairs. The air felt extremely thick and the pressure on my chest and noticeable but not painful or worrying. As we sat down and asked for any Spirits to connect with us by way of using our pendulum, we got a young girl. We found out that she had passed in the building and was 12 years old. This started us thinking about what kind of building this must have been before it got converted. I immediately got an image of wood shavings in my head that I could not shake. We found out that the building was once a woollen mill with wood shavings on the floor. I was so amazed and shocked that I managed to create this picture in my head that was true. As I have not done much Psychic work on myself it’s amazing how once night can change you abilities. I was experiencing back ache during this which I could not understand as I do not suffer with back ache usually. I then had an idea, what if the girl suffered back ache when she worked? The thick air and the pressure on our chest was also because the young girl found it hard to breathe in the mill and suffered an injury to her chest which resulted in her passing.

The night was drawing to a close after this. We had been at the building for three hours but it only felt like two minutes! Annie finished the night by asking what everybody had experienced. Our group was not the only one to find out a lot of information about other Spirits.

The night was such an amazing experience which I would recommend to anybody even if they do not have any experience. You see many different types of Séances on the television or on films which create the image that Séances are frightening but they really are not! They should be pleasurable and exciting.

Kira. x


  1. Hi Kira,

    really glad you had a positive experience with your seance 🙂 Just a note to any one else reading this, you should try to have somebody who is experienced with seance, possibly a medium present to help with any unwanted spirits that might be up to no good. Always do it with the best intention and protectection.

    – Dave

    • Thank you for your comment, Dave. The Seance was conducted by Annie Conboy, an Intuitive Medium & Psychic, for the reason you mentioned. It’s always better to have someone who understands Spirit & is connected to ensure that a seance goes well.

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