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Annie Conboy

Annie Conboy

Intuitive Medium & Psychic Annie Conboy, the owner of The Down2Earth Heart Centre, has run a psychic club in the Halifax area for the last few years. She moved to an office in Burlees House, Hebden Bridge in 2013 &  held several successful seances in the building. When she opened The Down 2 Earth Heart Centre in 2014 she realised that it would be a great place to run the Psychic Club too. She says “Each time you can try a different techniques (crystal ball, tarot, runes, divining rods), get answers to your spiritual questions and messages from your Guides, Angels & loved ones in Spirit.”

Annie believes everyone has some psychic or intuitive ability.  The friendly, interactive nature of the sessions will help you to open & practice your intuitive abilities if you wish. You can learn in a down to earth way about the facts about psychic ability & get ideas about what to do next. The activities at the Club take place in the comfortable surroundings of the Centre where people can also feel safe to access their own connections to the Spirit World. Whether you are a complete beginner discovering your ability or an more experienced medium wanting to refine your connections there is always something useful on offer.

Well respected as a down to earth individual, Annie enjoys spending time teaching – Reiki, Mediumship, Intuition, Psychic Art, Past Lives & much more. As an excellent evidence based medium she maintains a high professional standard for herself and her students. As she says “I live by the motto ‘If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’ so it’s important that I keep doing the best I can when I’m working.” Her wealth of wisdom and willingness to support others through the challenges of life and mediumship have won praise from many. As a mentor of other mediums her Spiritual Guidance sessions are much appreciated.

So join us at 4pm until 6pm fortnightly on Saturdays from 5th March for experiments & exploration.  The event costs £10.

For more info about what is on each month please call 01422 846117/07930 282773 or email admin@down2earthpsychic.net









  1. Hi there, is the psychic art – meet your guides on 5th Sept or 8th Aug? I saw it advertised in a magazine as the 8th Aug and just wanted to clarify. Thanks.

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