Psychic Club with Alan Cox

Alan Cox

This months Psychic Club in Hebden Bridge I was on tea duty so I did not manage to socialise with people who were coming in other then asking if they take sugar. When Alan arrived I quickly greeted him and his wife, Anne, and carried on with my duties. My first impression of Alan was that he was a very kind and gentle man. I was rather annoyed with myself as I could not stay in and listen to Alan for long as my chest decided it wanted to have a coughing fit.

Luckily Anne was sitting out of the room as she has heard what he says many times. I really enjoyed having a chat with Anne, She gave me so much information that I was wondering about. It always bugged me that my ears tickled but there was nothing to tickle them until Anne told me it will be my Spirit Guides trying to get my attention so that I will listen to them. During our conversation we swapped stories of what we have seen, such as, Anne sees Spirits more then feels them. I am opposite to Anne as I feel Spirit more then I can see them.

I will now tell you how you can find Alan or get in contact with him. He has a website and he is also on a radio station called ParaMania Radio, his show is called Understanding Spirit. He is also in facebook as Alan Cox.

If you would like to come along to our Psychic Club. The club is held every third Monday of the month. We are at Suite 5, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD. To book your place please call 01422 846117.

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