Nont Sarah’s Seance March 2014

Nont Sarah's People often ask about Paranormal or Seance events. Mostly they ask because they wonder if it’s going to be frightening. However, you can see much more frightening stuff in the movies! Most investigations of buildings involve sitting in the dark waiting patiently for small signs that are not normal for that place. Old buildings creak & groan as the cool down, there may be noise from the external environment & there is often rustling & shuffling from the people waiting for something to happen. So why do we go to buildings late at night looking for Spirit activity?

Some would say that it’s the excitement of the unknown. Some would argue it’s to prove that the Spirit world does/doesn’t exist. Some want to ‘tune in’ to the energy and find out information about the building & it’s past. Some of us go to seance or paranormal events because we want to communicate with any Spirits who might actually be present at the location. With such a wide range of expectations it can be a challenge to make sure that everyone has a chance to experience as much of the location as possible. So I’m delighted to be going back to Nont Sarah’s Inn, New Hay Road, Huddersfield on Saturday 15th March to do another investigation of the building & surrounding area (if the weather permits!).

Since Jan Booth opened the property once again last July there have been reports from workmen, visitors & the occupants of the Inn of regular visits from the Spirit side. The first time we investigated there each group reported similar experiences of activity, especially in the cellars & main bar. There were also some lovely personal messages given & an interesting set of glass divination experiments. It’s interesting to validate the information discovered by visiting a location at a different time & with different conditions to see if other people pick up the same or similar info or experiences. We will be heading back for an overnight investigation & seance on Saturday 15th March (9pm until late).  To book a place (£25) please click here.

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