Letting the Light Shine

hurricaneCan you be spiritual and be in business? It’s often said that spirituality is about renouncing the material world; giving up the need for possessions; becoming spiritually rich but materially poor. What about the spirituality of abundance? Perhaps spiritual abundance is the appreciation of what one person can offer to another and receive in return.

Many people assume that they must choose making a living or being ‘spiritual’. Either to have a materially rich life or a spiritually rich life. Surely spiritual riches are about what what unique talents we possess? About using those talents to create honesty and harmony for everyone? About doing the things we are passionate about so our lives are enriched & fulfilled on all levels. If this provides material well-being for us surely that is an appropriate reward for living according to our talents. After all, denial may not be the best for the growth of the soul.

A number of years ago I discovered my talent for communicating with Spirit or Energy beings. These communications helped both my life and, when I shared them, the lives of others. I was passionate about getting & giving support so I developed my talents to the point where I could run a business with them. As I provided for myself in a material way I provided for others in a physical, mental or emotional way. Underneath I was also providing for myself & others in a spiritual way.

A year ago I was guided to open the Down 2 Earth Heart Centre as a place to provide spiritual outreach. We support people in any way so they can understand their spiritual path. So if they get a reflexology treatment, a Reiki healing, a Tarot or Spirit reading, join the meditation group, have a cuppa & a chat they are taking the time to nourish their own self. Perhaps they will get the time also to check if their life is going in a positive direction. Or to decide what changes they want to make to be passionate about life.

As part of this it was important to have the finance to pay for the Centre. This is where my love of candles & particularly PartyLite candles made perfect sense. I love these products because of their company values as well as their quality. I sold them in a small way. Now, perfectly in time, the candle sales have become my extra income to create a warm, welcoming Centre. Every sale is a contribution. By bringing the light of the candles to people I am bringing the light of spiritual journeying to the Centre. Each way lots of people benefit. How wonderful of my guides to suggest a material way to make spiritual profit.

So letting the light of your talent shine comes from doing the things you are passionate about. Joining the material & spiritual aspects of your life together and using them to build your dreams or your business, if that’s your dream, is a wonderful way to enrich your dreams. It’s also a brilliant way to increase the flow of your own & other people’s abundance.

Annie Conboy, Intuitive Medium & Psychic

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