Feedback on the Psychic Club

The main thing that catches your eyes when you walk into the Down 2 Earth Psychic Club is the beautiful ornaments, crystals and psychic artwork dotted around the room which creates a warm and peaceful environment that anybody would feel relaxed in, I certainly do. The room the club uses has such a relaxing energy that you will find yourself wanting to get comfy and stay the night. I have always felt safe and comfortable in the Psychic Club and enjoy every minute of it.


The Psychic Club is a warm and welcoming place for different people from different walks of life to come together and experience Spirit and the Psychic world. Intuitive Medium Annie Conboy started the Psychic club for a way for people to develop their Psychic abilities and to gain more knowledge about Psychic tools. Annie has currently taught me how to use a pendulum and the purpose of pendulums. She has also taught me why we use crystals, their properties and why we are drawn to specific crystals. I have developed further from the information Annie has given me to use my pendulum and crystals to cleanse my chakra.


The Down 2 Earth Psychic Club costs £10 and I believe the club is worth the money. For the £10 you receive a message from Annie and guidance and information about psychic tools. I have learnt many ways how to develop my intuitive abilities using Psychic tools whilst attending the Psychic club.


I have met many sceptical people over the years and believe anybody will become more open if they would join Annie for one night at the Psychic club and experience for themselves how amazing she can be. There is also guest appearances from other intuitive mediums to work alongside Annie to give you messages and show you their way of working to connect to Spirit.


Annie Conboy is one of the most pleasant individual that I have ever met and will answer any questions you have, even at the end of the evening. On the first night that I attended the Psychic Club I was extremely nervous as I did not know what to expect but by the time I left the club at the end of the night I was pleasently surpirised at how normal everything was. I did not expect Annie to be so down to earth!


I would recommend anybody to come to the Down 2 Earth Psychic Night. You will not be dissapointed!

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