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IMG_2255We have some wonderful workshops & events coming up over the next few month:

Please check back for our Oct/Nov/Dec program which will be uploaded soon.

For more details of events please email admin@down2earthpsychic.netΒ or call 01422 846117 or 07930 282773. You can also subscribe to our email newsletter by clicking the link.

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    what workshops are coming up in march and april please

    • Hi Hanah, thank you for getting in touch with us.
      Our D2E Psychic Club restarts on Saturday 5th March (4-6pm). This is an opportunity to try all sorts of ways to open your connections to Spirit & Energy Beings. It runs fortnightly.
      On 9th March & 2nd April we have our wonderful Earth’s ArchAngel Workshops to introduce and work with the energy of these wonderful beings.
      On Weds 30th March we have our popular Awakening to Psychic Art workshop. Finally there is the Awakening to Past Lives workshop on Sat 16th April. If you would like more info please mail πŸ˜€

  2. Very interested in the earth angles work shop

  3. Hi Anni3
    Im interested in The awakening to past lives on March 30th, would like some info please.

  4. Hi. Will you be doing any Earth Archangel workshops at the end of July.

    • Hi Rachel, thank you for contacting us. We have an online course starting on 21st September to introduce & get people working with the Earth’s ArchAngels. The Wisdom Odyssey is a 12 month journey with these lovely beings. For more info and an application form please email πŸ˜€

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