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researchWhen I started working with Spirit I was struck by the way giving messages seemed to marry up counselling & spirituality. I was aware that Spirit could bring healing with the words they provided. It seemed that the space given to people getting messages was designed to also allow reflection, testing of options & releasing of past experiences. So although I was not working in my role as a therapeutic counsellor a lot of the ethical & practical issues seemed to be the same.

I’ve always believed in reflective practice so all the questions that bubbled to the surface about this interesting cross-over sent me looking for others who might also be aware of Spirit in the counselling room or, more importantly for me currently, counselling in the Spirit connections. I’ve been lucky to collaborate with Helen Lasham & David Wootton in a series of discussions about those & other questions. As a result we have formed the Down2Earth Research Network.

The Network is here to encourage Mediums, Psychics, Counsellors & Therapists to think about & question what they are doing. Asking questions  is a great way to push the boundaries of our shared understanding so as to improve why, what, how & where we work. We start from a basis that there is a cross-over between counselling & psychic/Spirit readings as it seems people search for meaning in both arenas; that it is possible for all those offering support to benefit from taking a different viewpoint now & again; that recognising the presence of Spirit in the therapeutic/healing space can provide validation of the individual client’s current life experiences; and, that sharing & researching these connections can enhance the spiritual journey of both the individual counsellor/healer/ medium/psychic & the client.

If you’ve read this far Welcome! We would love to hear from others willing to share their experiences, viewpoint or research. We will be posting our views/videos/discussions & would enjoy hearing what you think about the questions we have been asking ourselves. Send us your comments & contributions to admin@down2earthpsychic.net and we will post them here. Looking forward to a great debate!

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