Down2Earth Heart Centre


The Down 2 Earth Heart Centre is in the heart of Hebden Bridge sitting on some powerful, healing energy lines that create a safe & welcoming space for anyone wishing to explore their world, intuition & spirituality more closely. Run by Annie Conboy, Spiritual Counsellor and Intuitive Medium, the Centre has become a hub for all things spiritual.

This is a place to drop in & ask your spiritual questions, experience healing or have a reading & browse the library over a cuppa. The Centre runs a variety of workshops to help you access & develop your own intuition in the way that is best for you. There are a range of angels, books, sprays, soaps, crystals, CDs and cards you can buy to use as part of your journey of understanding.

As featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine, it’s also the home of The Earth’s ArchAngels workshops. We are now being assisted by a group of ArchAngels who have been in the shadows for thousands of years. They are stepping forward to guide, support & energise each one of us to become all that we are capable of. They bring surprises, honesty & great healing for every single person on the planet. They have chosen this point in the Earth’s Ascension process to make themselves visible so that their energies, combined with ours, will help each one of us to be of service to the global community of Spirit. Join us as we tune into their guidance & healing.

The Drop In on Thursdays & Saturdays from 11am to 4pm. Other days are by appointment only. Find us at Suite 4, First Floor, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge HX7 7DD (above La Perla restaurant).

Find more about the Centre on our FaceBook page & about the Earth’s ArchAngels on their FaceBook page


  1. Hi I am really interested in taking part in your workshop and really looking forward to coming along , there is nothing like this in my area as I have been looking for a while , I live in Hartlepool .

    • Hi Carole, thank you for your comment. If you are on FaceBook we have a regular Newsletter that you can sign up for - so you can keep track of any workshops you are interested in 😀

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