Down 2 Earth Psychic Club!

Ever Wondered if you have psychic ability? Want to find out? or see mediums and psychics bringing messages through to see what happens? The Down 2 Earth psychic club is the place to find out!

The club is compared by Intuitive Medium and Psychic Annie Conboy who also teaches others how to access and use their own intuitive psychic abilities. Annie, a welcoming, down to earth person, started the club as a way for people to experience different psychic and paranormal activities. She works in a safe, open and relaxed way. Whether you are skeptical, open or a believer you can be sure of a warm and fun welcome.

When demonstrating how to use pendulums, tarot; giving crystal, flower, aura or spirit messages; and explaining Spirit view of the Spirit world, Annie keeps things simple! She explains how to, what is happening and removes myths about contact with other worlds. She is also keen to give amazingly accurate confirmations and evidence from spirits to represent that they still exist.

For over 35 years Annie has been on a journey to understand the connection we all have with Spirit. She teaches how to open your intuitive abilities because she believes we can all benefit from having more guidance in our lives. Join her at 7:30pm the third Monday of very month to discover your talents!

Entry to the club costs £10. You can get on the guest list by purchasing your ticket on this website. This is recommended due to the limited number of seats available. You can also call us on 01422 846117 to book.

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