Announcing the Earth Angels

EarthAngels promoLast year I happened to be with Jan Booth at her Ostrich Angels soap workshop. As we chatted I started to smell the essential oils & perfumes that she has for her soaps. We both got rather excited as the last time I did that we ended up with a range of soaps & mood spritzer sprays called Pearls of Wisdom. These eventually also ended up being the first suit in a pack of oracle cards.

So as I sniffed, picked & rejected delicious scents it quickly became apparent that I was being connected with 12 beings who wanted to introduce themselves in this way. Each being had a distinct ‘flavour’ or personality so we wondered what the purpose of their connection might be. About 6 months later we were once again chatting & setting the world to rights when I started to receive more information from these beings. It was another Wow! moment for both of us as they revealed that they were ArchAngels who had been responsible for the care & education of the Earth & all it’s beings.

That first discussion of their presence with us led to a request that we make soaps, sprays, candles, music & cards to send their vibrational energy back out into the world. They have stepped forward again to help us prepare for higher vibrational energies that will lead to our, & the Earth’s Ascension in time. So now we are very busy as a book & astrology chart are also in production. I’m sure they have lots to say so keep reading!

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