Shamanic Journeying with Maxine McKeown

Maxine McKeown Shamanic Way Shower & Spiritual Counsellor

A day of healing and cleaning by Shamanic Journeying through the drum. The drum is well known for it’s comforting, relaxing, meditative properties, the beat is synonymous with the beat of the heart, and deepening connections with Mother Earth and our soul. This will be an experiential day using a series of different journeys to introduce help you to connect with your power animals, ancestors and guides, and healing journeys to assist you on your healing path where ever you may be. This is a day for you to relax and be with like minded people on a Spiritual Journey.

Maxine works extensively in the Lake District and Ireland as a Spiritual Counsellor and Way Shower. She has deep empathy with the planetary energies that sustain all life.

Please bring lunch, a blanket, cushion, a notebook and pen, if you want to bring a drum or a rattle please do, but the first few journeys will be guided by myself and my drum. Also wear comfortable clothing, and things of your favourite colour. Colour will form an important part of the day.

This day is suitable for all levels of experience.

The event is on Saturday 31st August 2013.

The event costs £60. Please contact Growth Into Awareness on 01422 846117 to book.

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