1st November 2013 Seance Night

IMG_0039Has your toilet flushed on it’s own? Well ours has!

One group walked up to the top floor of the building, sat down and FLUSH! Out of the blue the toilet flushed by itself. When we came upstairs to swap groups they told us. But once they had gone, it happened again. We immediately thought it might be an automatic flush. But after we investigated this theory with the property owners they informed us that it should not flush on its own accord.

During the night we had three groups, each group had a medium. We had a group on each floor of the building. On the ground floor we had a Spirit who was rather mischievous. Both groups who sat in that area of the ground floor experience cold spots, some even had half of their body warm and the other half cold.

The main Spirit activity we had during the night were children. They had lots of fun swinging and playing with our pendulums. They even had us singing nursery rhythms during the Seance. I must admit, I did enjoy singing the nursery rhythms. Well the ones that I knew.

Overall the night was exciting and enjoyable. The most popular activity was the Seance at the beginning of the night.

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